Why to choose MYCDRHELP for writing your KA02 Report?

KA02 Report

KA02 stands for knowledge Assessment (2) Report which is preferred by students in Australia. This report is important to complete within the given time frame, and you have to write it with the use of effective words and without making any mistakes. Most of the students don’t even know that what is KA02 Report and if you ask them to write then they will end up getting into many issues.

If you are also willing to write such reports and you don’t want to end up getting into an issue, then you need help. There are many online service providers who can help by writing your KA02 report before the deadline, and you can rely on them without any issue. You can consider the selection of MYCDRHELP.COM over others for the amazing results.

You may be wondering that why to prefer this service provider over other ones? To learn it properly, you can check out the below mentioned five reasons –

  1. Leading Service Provider

As compared to others MYCDRHELP.COM has a significant presence because this service provider is offering the best services from the past. If you check out another service provider then it is easy to find that they are competitive but they can’t be good as this one. You are definitely going to rely on it and do well in the future.

The reviews can definitely show you that why this particular service provider is better to consider and how you can eradicate all the issues. As you compare the reviews of other service providers, you can find a significant difference in both which can make you opt for this service provider over other ones.

  1. Quality of Services

The quality of services matters a lot, and if you want the best one, then you can’t be wrong with this one. For the best results, you have to stay selective in approach. This method can definitely eradicate most of the trouble. The CDR and KA02 report are written by experts that known for their premium writing services.

In most of the cases, you are definitely going to love these services. The quality matters because you want a good report and you don’t want plagiarism. All these services will worth your money, and you won’t be sad for spending that big amount on the purchase. This method can definitely make you rely on such services.

  1. Different Patterns to Write

Writing a report in different ways can help in numerous manners that are why you can rely on the service provider and go well in the future. All the quality service provider has a few numbers of the writer so you can’t expect different patterns from them.

With the help of MYCDRHELP.COM, you can expect a report in different patterns. It is highly reliable, better to prefer and it will work magnificently for everyone. The reliability is an important factor, and it comes with unique writing patterns.


  1. Domain Specific Writing

Every student wants to get domain specific writing services, and all the engineers don’t want any error in the KA02 report. Due to this particular reason, you can find MYCDRHELP.COM better from others. The chances are higher that you will be getting the best opportunity with the help of this report.

The pricing is always important to factor, and you have to get the best price deals. This particular service provider has the affordable price deals which can fulfill your need and eradicate all the issues with ease. If you need a domain-specific writer that’s why you can try them and go well in future and get amazing opportunities.

The Ultimate Guide to Write a Career Episode

Career Episode

When it comes to writing something impressive with the use of right vocabulary, easy to understand words and better interaction, most of the people stuck in issues where they can’t think about a single word. Such issues are common, and it occurs with most of the people. If you don’t want to get into any trouble and If you want to eradicate it then this guide can help in your Career Episode.

  1. Writing Events

Most of the students think that career episodes don’t have any topic, but they do so. You have to think the event wisely to avoid the issues. The below mentioned are three major events that are good to write, and you can definitely give them try because of their ease.

  • Writing an event on the current project report is simple, and you can explain that how you worked on it to complete.
  • Writing events on the academic training or the programs that you have decided to go with including the reason behind it.
  • The job responsibilities may be typical, but it is worth writing where you can explain about the workplace and such other factors.

During these events, you have many other factors to write a Career Episode. You can take online help from expert writers, and it is a highly reliable method to take into consideration. Most of the students prefer it, and you can also give it a try for sure.

  1. Begin with Introduction

The very first thing which matters a lot and requires the most of the attention of the reader is heading and proper introduction.

  • Start by writing the name of the project and when it happened.
  • In the next sentence, you should mention the location and the job.

After mentioning these two factors, you are ready to go and learn about the necessary factors which matter the most.

  1. Background Of the Task

It is the detailed portion so it is going to take a little time and you have to complete it by mentioning everything properly. You can write almost two hundred to five hundred words in this section, and it will look good. Make sure that you provide the proper details to make it look better.

  • What was the nature of the project or what kind of task it was?
  • Every task has some objectives, and you have to complete them all.
  • How you were involved in this task and what was your role in it?

Completing this task can be a little bit typical, and you can definitely complete it in a couple of hours. Write down in detail and avoid the use of words that can make it look cluttery.

  1. Personal Activity

So, this section is full of your involvement where you have to stay vigilance and explain all with the use of right vocabulary. You should go word to word by avoiding extra stuff which is making the stuff boring. After completing it all, you will be able to get the Career episode completed in a couple of hours.

  1. Summary

The very last thing which may be time-consuming but not that much is a summary. You can focus from the intro and write down all till the personal activity. You have to write a Career Episode in short and easy to read words. But, after a couple of minutes, you will be able to complete it and go well.

The Final Verdict

Here, the mentioned tips may be hard to follow, but after a couple of minutes and some tries, you can write a good career episode and without any issue. Keep in mind that you stay selective to avoid getting into an issue.

How to Write a Perfect CV for Engineers Australia?


A good CV can help to get a job with ease and make you opt for a good salary. Most of the people ask that how to write a good CV to their senior and it is sure that very few people know that how to do it. Well, such things can set you in many issues, and if you want to avoid it, then online CV writing services can come handy and eradicate all the issues with ease.

It is necessary that you focus on a reputed service provider because some may provide plagiarized CV and those are not impressive at all. Even, copying such content is easy for everyone. To avoid the trouble and go well in the future, the below given are some necessary tips which can make you write a good CV and have a good impression on the interviewer.

For engineers, the little bit complicated process’s why you should check all the tips wisely and prepare a good CV that is eye-catching also.

  1. Writing Clear and Concise

The interviewer doesn’t want to know that how you started and what you learned in part, they just want to know your primary skills which make you better from others. All the degrees that you have done really matters a lot, and you must have to explain it so that you can avoid all the trouble in the future.

You can use bullets and explain the degree and certificates in simple words. These are attractive, and most of the interviewers will notice the goods in a couple seconds. If you have a CV that is cluttered with large sentences, then the interviewer may not give a proper look at your skills, and he/she may reject.

  1. No Need of Photo

According to experts, it is very common to use photos, but there is no need for that. It is taking up extra space, and the interviewer doesn’t have to consider it. Anyway, it depends on interviewer also because using a photo become a rule these days.

If you avoid the use of a photo and go for an interview, you will love the fact that interviewer won’t judge by the picture and focus on skills first. It will help people who think that their looks don’t let them get jobs. In a good employee, the looks don’t matter because you are going for a desktop job, not for modeling.

  1. Personal Profile and Education

You can give a short note about yourself where you can mention that who you are and what you love. It will take a little time to write down all the necessary things in simple words, but after a few tries, you will find some impressive words that suit your personality and define the best of you.

The next section is off education, and you can’t avoid it, mentioning the necessary at the top and unnecessary at the bottom is necessary. Even if you have a little skill about any alternative topic, you can still mention that skill as a beginner. In many cases, such extra skills become the reason to choose you.

  1. Achievements

Every company wants an employee that is experienced, but for a student that just completed studies and got the degree, the experience is not possible. In such cases, the companies look for achievements. This will definitely work in various manners, and you can rely on it without a single issue.

Hope, you will be able to write a good CV and without getting into an issue. Try to avoid the use of words that are hard to read and unnecessary in your CV.

Different ways to write a Perfect CDR


When it comes to writing CDR, Resume and such other important notes, most of the students face lots of complication because they don’t know that what factors they should take into consideration to avoid all. To get the best results, you can focus on the selection of an assignment help service provider and eradicate all the issues.

If you don’t want to prefer such options and write it on your own, then this guide is definitely for you. The below given are top tips which can help you write a good CDR in different ways and without making any mistake. Let’s check out all and learn them wisely for the best experience. Keep in mind that if you choose CDR writing help then opt for a quality service provider to avoid the issues in the future.

CDR Writing Introduction

If you are new and don’t know that what factors to take into consideration then you can focus on the introduction because it is very important and it can take a significant amount of time to write a good introduction. The best method is to write down all the necessary factors in the first 100 words and doesn’t exceed the limit to avoid getting into any issue lately.

You should write down the name of the organization, then the date along with the duration of career episodes, a chronology, the location, and the last fact is the title. All these factors matter to write a good and effective CDR without any issue.

  1. Try Writing Background

In case, you begin to write the background; you have the great opportunity to write in various patterns. Everyone wants to write in different ways, but most of the students end up writing the same. Such factors can set them in various issues. If you want to avoid all and go well in future, then the selection of right CDR will fulfill your need with ease.

If you don’t have any detail about the background, then try taking online assignment help where the expert will try new methods and bring amazing details for the CDR which can definitely come handy. You can write down almost 200 words in this section and without worrying about a single thing. It is definitely going to come handy, and you can rely on it.

  1. Write About Creative Design

If you have any specific skill, then it is worth mentioning because it can come handy and provide a huge number of benefits lately. You can start by writing down the creative design which is loved all around. You can definitely rely on it and without any issue. Keep in mind that the better skills you have or, the better you explain it, the more benefits you can obtain in the future.

The assessment is always typical because people don’t know that how to write or how to go well in the future. With the creative design and the proper skills highlight, you are going on the right path and eradicating all the issues.

The Final Verdict

The above mentioned are the top three methods used by students to write effective and better CDR. Make sure that you mention everything wisely and don’t write facts that you don’t have. Many students end up writing skills they don’t have, and during the immigration, they are not able to answer all. Such factors can set students on various issues. Keep in mind that you must avoid these CDR related issues.

Hope, you will be able to write an effective CDR without any issue and make sure that you try different methods for the best results.

KA02 Report – Why Is It Essential for New Zealand Migration?

KA02 Report

Want to migrate to New Zealand for engineering jobs? It is likely that you have to submit KA02 report to IPENZ. Your candidature will be assessed and identified whether you have the essential skills or not. IPENZ or Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand is a non-profit organization with the team of engineers. They have specific guidelines for KA02 (Knowledge Assessment) that candidates have to follow for writing an accurate report.

Why KA02 Report?

When the applicants do not have the knowledge of ICT or belong to the non-ICT field, they have to submit the details of their working experiences. On the basis of their skills and knowledge, they would be chosen and get the approval. If you fail to provide the necessary details, it is likely that your candidature will be rejected. In order to avoid this situation, you can consider IPENZ KA02 report writing help of experts. With the knowledge and experience in delivering error-free reports, we will provide the most anticipated service for you.

It might happen that you are too busy handling your responsibility and don’t get enough time to prepare your own report. Also, there is a possibility that you don’t have the guidelines of IPENZ to prepare an accurate report. By hiring our professional writing services, you can remove your burden. We will keep a check on every aspect of preparing a good quality report.

Irrespective of the branch you belong, we are here to provide the services to mechanical engineers, civil, electrical, industrial or aerospace engineers. No need to worry about non-ICT or insufficient knowledge of ICT, you can also get the assistance of our experts. Our qualified professionals will ensure that your report gets approval in the very first attempt.

IPENZ KA02 (Knowledge Assessment) Report and its Types

KA02 report is essential to fill out the application. It plays an important role when you want to migrate to New Zealand. Suppose you have studied ICT from universities outside New Zealand and have a degree, but it is not equivalent to the degree provided in the country, you have to submit a report. Though you might possess the skills and knowledge of the same field, you have to go through this procedure to get an approval. In this context, you must know that IPENZ Assessment reports are of two types-

  1. Suppose you have graduated from a college or university that is accredited to the Washington Accord, there is a need for the submission of KA01 report. This is because these universities often have the similar guidelines followed in New Zealand.
  2. In case you have graduated from a college or university that is not accredited to the Washington Accord, you have to submit KA02 report. It is essential to submit this report to IPENZ to understand your skills.
    However, it is never easy for engineering candidates to prepare a good quality, error-free and unique report. They have to spend their valuable time in preparing the same. Other than this, you can ask our team to prepare your KA02 reports as per your qualifications and working experiences. The best thing is that we also have the experts with the knowledge of CDR writing to provide Competency Demonstration Report for Engineers Australia. In case you want to get your dream job in Australia, you are free to contact us at any time.

Reasons to Choose Our Report Writing Services

When you search online, you can find a number of service providers promising the best quality services. But there is a need for choosing the market leaders because they know how to prepare an effective report. We have a team of experts with the knowledge of KA02 guidelines and regulations. With this approach, they can write reports on demand. You just need to submit the details online and get it delivered within the due date.

Some more benefits of KA02 report-

  • We provide error-less report writing such that there is no worry about rejection due to any type of mistakes
  • We follow the guidelines strictly and cover all branches of engineering that include mechanical, chemical. Electronics, civil and so on
  • We always give our best to prepare fresh and unique report such that it keeps you away from plagiarised content
  • We value the deadline and always provide the services on time. In this way, you get the opportunity to submit the reports within the due date.
  • For the convenience of the candidates, we provide 24×7 hrs online assistance. If you have any query or need a suggestion, you can contact our experts on demand.

Our professional service is not limited to these benefits. When you want to prepare the best quality KA02 to get approval for New Zealand Immigration, we use the latest technology to produce a perfect report. With this approach, we enhance the chances of getting selected up to 99.99% in the very first attempt. If you are finding it difficult to prepare or don’t get enough time to write the report, you should feel free to contact us. With the team of qualified writers, we will deliver the much-needed support.

Suppose you have written your own KA02 report but unsure whether it is accurate as per the guidelines or not, you can ask our experts. With the necessary guidance of our professional writers, you can remove any unknown error to make your report perfect. Once done, you can submit it to IPENZ for approval. So, what are you thinking about?

What Do You Understand by KA02 Report? – Know Here!

KA02 Report

When you have a dream to do engineering jobs in New Zealand, but you don’t have the citizenship, you have to submit a KA02 (Knowledge Assessment) report. It is used for the assessment of the candidates to finding out the eligibility to migrate to New Zealand. However, it is asked when candidates do not have the required skills and knowledge of ICT. So, they have to submit KA02 report. Suppose you didn’t study ICT as your degree, you can show your working experience in the same field to get a job in New Zealand.

For assessing the candidature of the applicants, there is a specific authority with the team of engineers and knowledgeable professionals. It is IPENZ (Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand) who is responsible for these activities. The members of the organization assess the details on the report and make sure that he/she is eligible for the post. In case you are from the non-ICT field or have insufficient knowledge of ICT, you have to show your working experiences to get your dreamed job in New Zealand. This is how engineers get a chance to work here.

According to many engineers, it is not an easy task to prepare this report. If you get stuck in writing the report, you will contact us for providing KA02 Knowledge Assessment Report Writing for Engineering New Zealand. With the dedicated team of experts, we are here to provide the error-free reports to all. Remember that candidates have a degree in ICT from other countries but not equivalent to the course studied in the universities of New Zealand also need to submit KA02. So, hire us for your report and set yourself free from troubles.

Many candidates prepare their own KA02 report, but it needs following the guidelines provided by IPENZ. Any error or unknowingly mistake can reject the report. If you want to get rid of this troublesome situation, it is the best to hire our professional writers. They have the proficient knowledge of the guidelines and how to prepare a good quality report. With this kind of service, we are helping numbers of engineering candidates to get their dream job in New Zealand.

The best thing about hiring our services is that we cover all disciplines of engineering. If you are from the mechanical department or civil or electrical or industrial, you are free to hire us. In this context, you must know that there are two types of IPENZ KA02 report.

Types of IPENZ KA02 Report

Applicants must prepare the report as per its type and mention their work experiences and skills accordingly-

  1. If you have graduated from the universities which are accredited to the Washington Accord, there is a need to submit KA01 report. This is because these universities have similar guidelines for the requirements of IPENZ.
  2. If you have graduated from the universities which are not accredited to the Washington Accord, you have to submit KA02 report to IPENZ.

This is how your skills assessment will be done. However, it is not at all easy to prepare any of these reports. So, hire the professionals of Knowledge Assessment KA02 report writing.

Why Should Candidates Choose Our Services?

It has been noticed that many engineers face rejections in the first attempt when they submit their reports to IPENZ. The main reason is that they won’t follow the necessary guideline and miss the much-needed facts to add to the reports. By hiring our services, you can enhance your chance of getting selected. Our experts follow the exact guideline and prepare the report in an asked format using appropriate language. They are highly skilled and they know that how to put an impression on the associate members at an instant.

Other than these things, some benefits that you will get include-

  • We proofread the prepared report at least twice to remove any unknown errors. It enables us to prepare error-free reports for New Zealand immigration.
  • Our writers have the ability to serve any engineering discipline students. Whether you have graduated in mechanical engineering or electrical or civil, you can hire us and get the best quality report in perfect style.
  • We have the team of writers with diverse knowledge of the engineering branches as well as Knowledge Assessment reports. This is how they provide fresh content and make the report unique. We never appreciate duplicate or copied content.
  • We value the need of candidates and always do our best to deliver reports on time. Not to mention, there is no need to worry about delayed submission. We are strict enough to provide you with the services within the deadline.
  • It is seeing that some candidates need professional support in understanding their delivered reports. This is the reason we have provided the online chat facility. Our team member will guide you, assist you and help you with any type of

If you have the desire to work in New Zealand, you must opt for our services. Needless to say, KA02 report plays a great role in your skills assessment. It is the only document that can change your future. So, there is nothing to think twice or thrice when you need KA02 help. We are here to provide you with the necessary services at an affordable cost.

It is advising to take a revision of the report once delivering to you. With this approach, you will become familiar with the content. So, hire us & increase the chance of approval up to 99.99%!

What Do You Understand by EA MSA (Migration Skills Assessment)?

Migration Skills Assessment (1)

When you want to settle in Australia, there is a need for the Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment process. It is an activity in which the higher authority verifies the record of an individual and provides them with the clean chit to do the job. It must contain the essential requirement for having an engineer’s post without which your application is likely to get rejected. Once you are eligible for the placement, you get the approval for a visa.

For the convenience of the applicants, EA publishes the handbook on how to write RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning), CDR(Competency Demonstration Report) and what information they must put. If you want to settle in Australia, you have to follow the guidelines properly and submit the report. Once it is verified by Engineers Australia, you will get a call of acceptance. However, many individuals find it hard to fulfill the EA requirements. In case you are finding it difficult to prepare your own CDR, you can ask for professional writing services.

With the team of professionals, we provide the best quality support to all needy engineers. No need to worry about your stream of engineering, we have the subject specialists to prepare reports on mechanical, electrical, industrial, civil or aerospace engineering. This is how you could avoid the rejection and get a chance to serve your preferred country.

Why Do Engineers Want to Settle in Australia?

Needless to say, Australia is opened to all, but they must have the essential skills. The reason for increased numbers of engineers to get settled here is- engineers get great social benefits that aren’t available anywhere else. The weather, environment and medical facilities are also better than any other location in the world.

It is true that anyone wants to live a happy and better life. They also want to secure their child’s future. All these things make Australia the most likely place for engineers. If you have the necessary skills as required by EA, you can take your step ahead to settle here.

Remember that there is a need for providing good quality reports along with your resume. In case you want to move to New Zealand, there is a need for KA02(Knowledge Assessment) report as well. You have to follow the guidelines strictly and prepare them accurately.

Or else, you can hire the services of professionals to get CDR, RPL writing services and KA02 writing services online. We deliver the most anticipated services to all needy candidates at an affordable rate. You just need to send the details of your qualifications and working experiences.

Learn EA Migration Skills Assessment Process

To migrate to Australia, you have to go through the Migration Skills Assessment process. However, the process usually takes a maximum of 7 months on normal routes. You can apply for the Fast Track process that requires at least 5 days. Once you get the approval, you will get the visa.

Candidates should know that their engineering discipline must be listed in the SOL (Skilled Occupations List). In case it is not listed, you can submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) through Skill Select along with the details of your qualifications and experiences to get nominated. Remember that you have to fill the form in English and follow ANZSCO occupation codes for all engineers. If you are not aware of the same, a single mistake can reject your application.

Hire the professionals of CDR, KA02 and RPL help to get good quality support in building your career. We know the importance of Australian English and ANZSCO codes. With the required knowledge and experience, our experts will prepare an accurate report to get the valuable points (at least 60) for getting the approval of your visa. Remember that you should be under the age of 45 at the time of application.

Types of Job Profiles

At the time of applying for a post in Australia, you must know that there are mainly four different categories of engineering vacancies available. It depends on your qualifications and experiences which one you could choose from the following-

  • ProfessionalEngineer
  • Engineering Associate
  • EngineeringTechnologist
  • EngineeringManager

To matchup your profile, you have to submit accurate CDR report that includes-

  • CPD (Continuous Professional Development)

This field must include the details of your work experiences after completing your degree at any university or college. Some of the vital points that you add are books you prefer to remain up-to-date, details of seminars and workshops attended, business meetings and training programs performed by you. It must be written in good quality without any errors.

  • Career Episodes

It is another important section of the report. In this field, you have to add the details of your projects that you have done. You have to mention the details of the responsibilities and tactics that you might have used to solve any problem. Put the information of software used, technical calculations and narrate them in the first person tone. It is the perfect way to write CDR report.

Remember that Career Episodes (CEs) must contain at least 1000 words and should not exceed 2500 words. The paragraphs are also mentioning in points such as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and so on. Apart from these things, you should write CEs in active voice only.

  • Summary Statement

It is not at all similar to the ordinary summary, but you have to write it according to the information provided in the Career Episodes. Since you have mentioned the paragraphs in numbers, you have to use that value to summarize the detail of the paragraph whenever required.


This is all about EA MSA and how to write the reports for getting a job in Australia. You might find it difficult to prepare an ideal report. No need to worry about when you have the support of our experts.

For any doubt or query, you are free to get the assistance from our experts!

A Simple Guide on RPL Assessment for Australian Immigration!

RPL Assessment

Do you want to migrate to Australia for engineering jobs? There is a need for assessing the skills of the candidates. According to the experts, applicants from other countries must have the required knowledge and skills to work in Australia. And the process of assessing the candidature of the applicants is called RPL Assessment (Recognition of Prior Learning). In case the candidate doesn’t fulfill the requirement, there is a high chance of rejection.

The RPL Assessment of candidates is done by higher authority, named Australian Computer Society (ACS) and determines their value based on skills and knowledge. In case the candidates have ICT (Information and Communications Technology) qualification, there is no need for skill assessment. Or else, engineering applicants have to subject RPL report form. If you find it hard to prepare RPL for Australian immigration, you can consider professional help.

More about RPL Assessment Report

When it comes to writing a report, it is important to add the skills along with its details. On the basis of given information, the ACS experts assess your application and find out whether you are eligible to migrate or not. In case you have insufficient or zero ICT skills, you have to submit the RPL Assessment Report by adding a maximum number of skills you acquired in your career.

If you get stuck in writing the report, you can ask our experts for RPL report writing service. The knowledge and experience of our professionals will help you in preparing reports in any discipline of engineering. You can ask for mechanical, electronics, civil, chemical, industrial or aerospace engineering. We ensure that you will get the best quality support. Since our experts know the guidelines, they do their best to make it perfect such that you get selected.

Categories of ACS RPL Assessment

Once you have decided to migrate to Australia, you must know that there are two assessment categories on which RPL skills are assessed. You have to keep these things in mind before preparing the report. It includes-

  1. As you know that you have to follow the ANZSCO code of engineering, your career must be relevant to it. In case you don’t have ICT qualification in your engineering course, it is important that you must have at least six years of ICT experience.
  2. In case you don’t have any tertiary qualifications, you should have more two years of ICT experience that sums up to eight years. However, it is not necessarily important that these two years must relevant to ANZSCO code.

When you hire the professional service, there will be no worry about creating any errors. With the support of our professionals, you can prepare a good quality report as per the requirement. The best thing is that you will the assistance of experts whenever you need. In this way, you can solve any queries related to Australia immigration and become confident.

What Are the Requirements for RPL Skill Assessment?

As of now, you get to know what RPL means and its categories. Now, you must know the essential requirement to submit your report. With this approach, it is possible to write an accurate report and get a chance to migrate to Australia.

Remember that there is also a need for two project report submissions. In the first report, you have to mention the details of your work in the last five years and another project report must have the detail of the work that you have performed in the last three years. Apart from these things, there are other requirements that include-

  • You must have contributed to the design and implementation of the project
  • You must have the experience in network topologies and security facilities
  • You must have the knowledge of methodologies used in the analysis of design
  • You must give the details of the type of responsibilities you have

If you want to prepare an RPL report, you must fulfill the requirement. No doubt, you can prepare it at home but you have to keep patience. Or else, you can hire professionals for RPL writing services. They help you in preparing the report according to the needs.

Reasons to Choose Our Services

We understand why engineers are willing to prepare an RPL report. We value their dreams and help them in making a good quality report about Australian English language. Our services are not limited to writing it; however, we perform greater tasks that include-

  • We know the guidelines and prepare an error-free report
  • We never promote plagiarism content and provide plagiarism-free reports at any cost
  • We know the value of deadline and help you in delivering the report within the due date
  • We have customer support team to provide the needy users any time support and guidance regarding RPL reports
  • For the convenience of candidates, you provide them with the phone, email and messaging facility

No need to worry about when you are in need of professional support, we provide our services using the latest technology. The best thing is that our professional writers remain up-to-date and make changes in the report accordingly. If you have a concern about our charges, you must know that we never ask for high rates. It is our sole responsibility to provide the best service at an affordable price. Even you can compare the rates with our competitors to understand how much beneficial it would be to hire our services.

So, what are you thinking about? Take your step ahead and ask for professional RPL writing services and remove all your dilemmas!

Why there is a Need for Fast Track EA Migration Skills Assessment?

Migration Skills Assessment

When you have opted for a post in Australia and submitted a CDR report, it usually takes 4 to 7 months to complete the Migration Skills Assessment Process. It is a procedure by which Engineers Australia (EA) get to know whether you have claimed for the right post or not.

However, there is an option by which you can ask for Fast Track EA MSA (Migration Skills Assessment). With this approach, you can reduce the time of assessment and get a visa approval quickly. The best thing is that you can also avail of professionals for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) services. They know how to make the assessment process simple.

Suppose you have applied for the fast track assessment, it will help you in determining whether your files have been passed to an assessor or not. To get this facility, you have to pay a premium fee of $275 to EA. This charge is essential to opt for the EA Fast Track facility within five to fifteen working days. Remember that it is applicable to only those candidates who have successfully submitted their visa application online. In case you haven’t submitted the application, you must do it fast to avail of the fast track service.

Know the Reasons Why Migration Skills Assessment Process Takes Time

Since there are a number of applications filed for Migration Skills Assessment, it takes time. Also, the lack of information on the applications delays the process. If you have applied for a job in Australia and send your CDR report correctly, you must know that you can contact about your status after 16 weeks (four months) of the application.

In case of the fast track process, you can contact after a period of 15 days. Or else, you can even send a blank email and get an automated response with updated advice on application status. If you are willing to take professional support, you can go with RPL for ACS (Australian Computer Society) help and remove your queries.

Reasons to Apply for Fast Track EA Migration Skills Assessment

Needless to say, Australia welcomes engineers from aboard and loves their services. It also provides the opportunity to freshers with no working experience. If you go with the normal skills assessment process, it will consume up to 16 weeks and more. This is the reason why the Fast Track option is introduced in January 2016. Now, you can reduce this time to at least 5 days and get a job in Australia within a quick time.

Also, there is a possibility that the hiring company has asked you to join them soon. With the help of Fast Track skills assessment process, you can get your visa quickly. That means you can join your new company within a week time.

Hopefully, you have understood why it is important to apply for Fast Track EA Migration Skills Assessment. Suppose you are willing to do a job in Australia and applied your CDR report, you are free to go with it and get your visa within a short period of time.

Know the Procedure to Write an Accurate CDR Report!

CDR Report

Want to prepare a CDR report? Before making it, you must know the requirements for preparing an accurate Competency Demonstration Report or CDR Report. Since it is a documented detail of your engineering knowledge and skills to get a job in Australia; you have to get an approval of immigration from EA (Engineers Australia). In order to impress the board members and get a chance of an interview, you have to mention the details in ANZSCO code.

Suppose you will not able to add the details according to EA guidelines, it is likely that your application will be rejected. To get an approval of EA, you have to think differently. No doubt, you might not have the proper understanding of preparing a report. In this context, you can hire professionals to write your CDR for Australia immigration. With their years of experience and knowledge of it, they prepare an ideal report. However, you can also refer the following to prepare a CDR on your own.

Guidelines for Writing a CDR Report

Before discussing how to write a CDR report, you must know the problems associated with it such that you can avoid the same. When it comes to the first-time approach, it is likely that the report might contain a lack of information or filled with junk. Also, it has been noticed that applicants submit poorly-written reports to get their Australian Skilled Migration Visa. No doubt, these types of reports get rejected in an instant. If you want to avoid this situation, you have to follow these guidelines issued by CDR Engineers Australia.

Let’s start with the foremost step-

  • Your report starts with your resume or CV. It must contain the details of your engineering education, previous jobs and current job with total experience in each company. No need to mention the details of the project handled by you, it must contain the name of the company, its location, duration of work and job title. Apart from these things, you have to mention your job responsibility along with a brief description. This is the very first step to put an impression on the members of EA.
  • Remember that your CV should be presented in A4 size format. It must contain the details within three pages in any case. And, the next comes to CPD (Continuing Professional Development) that starts with Career Episodes (CE) in detail.
  • It should be written in Australian English with a minimum word limit of 1000 but not exceed 2500 words in A4 size page. It should be written in such a way that the reader finds it is narrated by you. So, it is important to avoid using ‘We did’ or ‘We researched’ in the sentences and prefer writing in the first person tone using ‘I did’ and ‘I researched’. Also, you must ensure that it is not too technical.
  • CE should be in different paragraphs mentioned as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and so on. If you are on the second Career Episode, it must contain 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and so on.
  • There is an importance of mentioning the paragraphs. The numbers are often required in the Summary Statement (SS) for cross-referencing. If you don’t use those numbers, you have to repeat the details of CE in the SS section. That’s why the EA guidelines are such that you could make your reports without wasting your time in repetition.
  • While preparing your CE, you must keep in mind that it should look like an essay. Though the format is using paragraph numbers, it must not be considered as a table. Also, there will be only one SS that covers all CEs.

If you got stuck in preparing your CDR for industrial engineering, you can ask our professionals and get help. There is no need to submit wrong or error reports, we can make it perfect for you.

A Quick Guide on CPD Writing

CPD or Continuing Professional Development is a part of CDR that contains the details of your achievements and practices to keep you up-to-date. It includes courses, seminars, participation in presentations and other similar activates. It must be provided in a listed format such that it becomes easy and convenient for the readers to know your skills.

Some of the important points that you must mention include-

  • Post-graduation details
  • Attended conferences
  • Mentoring works if any
  • Technical meetings
  • Books and journals you prefer studying

It should be in a table format starting with the training title, starting date, final date, duration, venue, and training organization. With this information on your CDR report, the members of EA get to know about your achievements and get an idea of what they could expect from you. If you are unable to comprehend with any detail, you are free to get CDR help for telecommunication engineers or any other fields that you belong. We are providing our services online.

Listed Below Are the Documents You Have to Submit with the Report

When you are applying for a position in Australia, there are certain documents that you have to submit to EA. It is important for your identification and other official reasons. It includes-

  • Your recent passport size photo
  • Copy of your passport
  • Academic certificates
  • Official certificates
  • Updated resume

Apart from these things, no other documents will ask. However, there is a possibility of TOEFL iBT result. At times, Name Change documentation and Professional Registration Certificate are also applicable. So, you must keep in touch with the experts and get the detailed information such that you won’t miss anything.

Features of a Good Quality CDR Report

When you write a CDR for Civil engineer or any other department of engineering, you must know the features of a good report. It should contain-

  • You have to apply for Australian Immigration according to the job position available in the country such as Professional Engineer, Engineering Associate, Engineering Technologies or Engineering Manager. This will categorize you
  • It is always good to avoid the performance of your team rather than explain your job role on the team and your contribution to the project.
  • Mention only those details for which you have documented proofs to show your claim
  • Remember that CE should contain the first-person tone in active voice only
  • Always connect your SS with the details provided in the CE to keep the things relevant

This is all about writing a CDR. If you are in need of CDR help for Electrical engineers or other engineering streams, you are free to approach us. Or else, you have to follow the above-mentioned guidelines and prepare a good quality report.

Now the choice is yours!